Featured student: Bhavana Jain


Meet featured student:  Bhavana Jain and her accomplishments.

Painting, drawing, sketching and sewing consumed Bhavana Jain’s time as a child.

“I realized later that fashion itself was also an art form,” she said. “Raised in an Indian household, I was exposed to Indian clothing and loved wearing my traditional Indian garments just as much as traditional American dresses. I always imagined combining different design elements of both to create a fusion piece that expressed all of my cultural heritage.”

After a thorough Internet search, Jain discovered College of DuPage and was impressed by what it had to offer. She first wanted to fine-tune her skills and began with a basic sewing class. After taking several courses, she decided to pursue a certificate in Fashion Design, which allowed her to balance school with her full-time job as a clinical pharmacist at Central DuPage Hospital.

Jain believes the program’s reputation in the Chicago area has led to many opportunities, from the annual College of DuPage fashion show to various internships.

“While I was at COD, I first submitted garments to a show and was able to share my work with my colleagues. It’s such a wonderful feeling when you see your creation in a fashion show!” she said. “Soon after, I completed an internship with Supreme Novelty Fabrics in Chicago, where I learned about different textiles and was inspired to create fusion garments. I then participated in two other design competitions through Supreme Novelty Fabrics, and each time my confidence grew in showcasing my work, and I was able to improve on my sewing techniques and my designs.”

In 2014, Jain participated in the Chicago Fashion Foundation’s Business Scholarship Competition and was one of the four finalists.

After finishing her certificate, Jain plans to take additional classes in fashion business as her dream is to open a boutique featuring her designs. She already has a company name, Bhavy-J Designs, which can be found on Facebook.

“I want to create Indian garments with American contemporary influences along with American contemporary garments with Indian influences,” she said. “I feel that every woman is always looking for something unique and different to wear that can express herself in a positive way. I hope to have my own boutique based in Chicago, a city that is not given enough credit as a center for fashion.”

Jain is thankful to College of DuPage for providing the opportunity to pursue her dream and allowing her to study with instructors who are well-established in the field.

“I have developed wonderful relationships with my professors, and I never hesitate to ask them for career advice. They are very passionate about teaching students,” she said. “It’s never too late to pursue your passion as a career. For me, this process of transitioning careers has been, and continues to be, a learning process. If you are motivated, and have a vision, go for it!

“It’s also important to surround yourself with a strong support system and people who believe in you and your vision. The Fashion Studies program at COD is a great entry way for people who are interested in pursuing a career in fashion. The relationships and people you meet here will definitely go a long way.”

You can view Bhavana’s outstanding designs at Bhavy-J Designs https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bhavy-J-Designs/170501149764261

More about the Fashion Studies program

Link to the original article on COD’s front page: http://www.cod.edu/spotlights/students/jain.aspx

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