Learn 4 Reason Why You Should Enter a Contest!

Learn 4 Reason Why You Should Enter a Contest!

Enter Sewing Contests to Learn and Grow
Why enter a contest? After 23 years of producing sewing contests at ASE we know many if not all the reason. Let me share just a few. 
  1. When you enter a contest you have to work with a deadline. The side effect is you get it done! There’s nothing like an absolute deadline to keep you motivated.
  2. When you enter a contest.the side effects will include added confidence along with all the techniques and knowledge you gained through the process of creating an entry. 
  3. When you enter a contest, you are more likely to do your very best because judges will be looking. The side effect; You try harder to make the best project you can and the end result is something you are very proud to show.

  4. When you enter a contest at ASE you will have the opportunity to receive prizes, allause, publicity, fame and several of our winners have even received fabulous job offers. The side effect is you may even be featured in a national magazine!

So what are you waiting for?
Innovation Generation – Saturday
This challenge includes young sewers ages 8 to 18. Pictured here are three contestants from 2015 wearing their entry garments. 
Each year we are astounded at the creativity and skill levels our young sewers display. We also enjoying watching many of them return each year as they improve and challenge themselves to new skill levels.
If you or someone you know would like to enter Innovation Generation, click here for details and entry form: Innovation Generation
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Passion For Fashion Friday – Saturday
This contest based on a reality show (I bet you can guess which one), is everyone’s favorite. 
Contestants arrive on Thursday evening to select a model and set-up a sewing station on the exhibit floor. Friday morning, they receive a challenge along with cash to purchase supplies from the vendors. They will design and sew all day and return on Saturday morning to complete their challenge garment by 3:00. 
At 6:00 PM the finale runway show begins where fabulous prizes are awarded and audience members revel at the amazing garments accomplished by the contestants in such a short time. For sewers looking to advance their sewing career – you never know who will be watching. To learn more about this contest, click:  Passion For Fashion Rules & Application.
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Join the Fun at Sewcial in April!
 Cosplay & Costume Contest – Sunday
We are so excited to be presenting the 3rd annual Cosplay contest and stage presentation.
This competition is open to all who love making, and or wearing costumes of any type. Super Heroes to Historical Characters and beyond. We welcome ALL!
Join us on Sunday at the fashion stage to see how the imagination of others using thread, fabric and needle transform into great feats of art and entertainment.
To learn more about entering this event, click:
Take some time for yourself and relax, have fun, and enjoy two full days learning from the best teachers in the sewing industry. Classes focusing on fashion sewing, drafting, and fitting are on the agenda for this inaugural event, but it won’t be strictly business. We have special banquet, entertainment, and social activities planned to make this the complete sewing vacation! Treat yourself by joining us in Novi, Michigan April 8-10, 2016 and you will go home empowered with new knowledge to make fashions that fit and flatter your body and enhance your lifestyle.
Bring your friends or come to meet new, but don’t hesitate to join us because the number of students will be limited to ensure an intimate, relaxing, and comprehensive experience.
Baby Lock will be providing excellent sewing machines & sergers for your use at Sewcial. We are pleased to announce Leabu Sewing Center’s
 excellent staff will be there by your side to instruct us on the machines and keep the classes running smoothly. They will also be available throughout the weekend activities to answer your questions and demonstrate some of the latest and greatest in sewing products. Register by March 9th for a chance to win a Baby Lock Sofia 2.

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