Advanced MPTV Productions!

Advanced MPTV Productions! 

There are three short films being produced in the Advanced Film/Video Production course this semester and each of them is in need of a Costume Designer.
These projects will be in production at various times from the end of April to the first weekend in May. Two projects will shoot four days each and the third project shoots for seven days.
Here’s a quick overview of the projects:
The Woman with the Ring and the Hole in Her Pocket (shooting four days)
A woman attempts to pawn her wedding ring  as she attempts to leave her abusive husband.
Producer – Langan Jenkins –
Until the Quiet Comes (shooting seven days)
A small, Depression-era farming town worships a mysterious object that seemingly brought their crops back to life, but when a young boy dies they blame the one skeptic who refused to believe in their newfound idol.
Producer – Chris Gorte –
Fish Eye (shooting four days)
The ethereal journey of the homeless man’s recently departed soul and its encounters with the people who never really noticed him.
Producer – Kenny Molloy –
Each film will be completed later this year and will begin submitting to film festivals at that time. For any questions and if you may be interested in joining these ambitious projects contact: John, Rangel

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