Milan Sewell (Milan.Sewell@bcbg.com) as your point of contact for the BCBG MAX AZRIA GROUP CORPORATE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM based in Los Angeles, CA. Milan has been a valuable partner in identifying and recruiting top talent for our 2016 Summer Internship Program and is eager to start placing interns for their Fall Internship Program!

At BCBG MAX AZRIA GROUP, they are proud to offer opportunities in support of their longstanding commitment to training and developing future talent. In 2015 alone, the recruitment team was able to place 40 of their top interns into entry level positions at BCBG. The program aims to challenge interns to draw upon knowledge they’ve gained during their academic studies and put it into practice in real industry situations. Over the course of the internship, interns will have the opportunity to view fashion industry dynamics, participate in exciting projects and advance their skill set through hands-on learning. Adhering to the Fair Labor Standards act, they provide a controlled educational environment that pairs well with the school curriculum, requiring each student to receive school credit to participate in the internship program.

 Searching for an outstanding Junior or Senior who would be a brand fit for BCBG MAX AZRIA GROUP; who can financially sacrifice two days a week in Fall to participate in a for school credit only internship program and if they are highly motivated to be considered for a fashion industry opportunity that could turn into a full time paid career opportunity. Any student who has expressed an interest in the company or who has a modern contemporary design aesthetic (Fashion Design Students must submit a polished, relevant electronic portfolio to be considered) could fit the job!

 For more information, contact:

 Stephanie Sherwood

College Relations Manager

BCBG Max Azria Group, LLC


P 323.476.4426

C 323.807.1466

F 323.277.5426


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