Visual Merchandising offered on Fridays starting August 26th. Register now.

Fashi 1620-002 Visual Merchandising will be offered at College of DuPage on  Friday 9-1:50pm   If you are currently in Fashion 1105 or have not taken 1105, contact Sharon Scalise for a permit.

Catalog Description

Survey of creative and technical approaches to window and interior store display. Exploration of standard and innovative techniques in a laboratory setting.  


Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to do the following:

1.     Organize materials and tools used in visual merchandising

2.     Analyze current trends effect on consumer interest

3.     Develop a visual vocabulary to communicate a brand or story

4.     Produce merchandise displays in a three-dimensional space, utilizing design composition principles, and layout

5.     Demonstrate use of common and innovative props, fixtures, and mannequins in merchandise display

6.     Design graphics and signage to enhance display

7.     Prepare visual display installation project schedule

8.     Create professional portfolio  

For additional information about this course,  please contact Sharon Scalise at 630-942-2619 or

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