One thought on “Peach Carr visiting designers on 11/1 at 1pm

  1. Maureen Handley says:

    Hi Sharon,

    Heeding your advice, I don’t have to completely finish the vest before Tuesday, just enough to demo it for Peach to see if she thinks it’s even worth doing for the runway.

    I’m going to start work on a fabric design from the Chihuly photos this afternoon. After our conversation last night, I can’t stop thinking about how to use those photos. Photoshop is the perfect vehicle because we can put the images on separate layers and then combine them in different ways until we find a repeat that works. I’ll be working at the Academic Computer Center on the Mac there because it’s way better and faster than mine at home. Hopefully I’ll have something for you to print by tomorrow if you’re still up for it.

    I’ll keep you posted on how I’m progressing.

    Maureen Handley


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