Attention Fashion Design students: Dimension Fashion Show Garment Submission Info

 How to Enter Garments into the Fashion Show
Jury Fashion Show Date:  Monday, May 1, 7:30pm
Dimensions Fashion Show Date: Friday, May 12, noon and 7:30pm
Garment Submission Date:
Thursday, April 20, 5pm in SRC 1009
Thursday, May 4, 5pm in SRC1009
Jury Show Information:  We strongly encourage you to enter the jury show.  It is a chance to win recognition for your work and to receive valuable feedback from industry professionals.  To enter the jury show, you must be a student within the Fashion Studies program and submit at least 3 original garments/looks that you have designed, patterned, and sewn.  The garment you enter should be your best work.  The judges will be scoring your work based on their impressions of the creativity, marketability and construction of the pieces.  The judges will have the opportunity to examine garments before and during the jury show.
Main Show Information: Any Fashion Design student can present a garment in the main show.  It must be a garment you have sewn yourself, from your own pattern or a commercial pattern.  You need to submit 1 Designer Info Sheet (available in SRC1009) and a selfie for the program.  You may submit multiple garments.  Each Garment must be accompanied by a Garment Information Sheet (available in SRC1009).  In rare cases, not all garments will be sown.  Garments that do not meet the minimum standards of the department (below) will not be shown.
Garment Quality Standards: For both shows, we expect that garments will be:
  • On a hanger
  • In a garment bags
  • Garment Information Sheet  in a Sheet Protector (provided SRC1009)
  • Clean (no stains, not pet fur, etc.
  • Pressed
  • Hemmed appropriately (maybe hemmed after fittings for jury show only
  • Visible seams are neatly finished
  • Closures are present and working
  • Neat – no hanging threads
  • Able to stay on a human body
  • Fitted/fittable on a reasonable human body
  • Appropriate to a community college fashion show

Garment Information Sheets and Designer Information Sheets will be available in SRC1009.

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