Many hours are spent in creating assignments and projects in Fashion Study courses.  Use of professional materials will allow for quality presentations that can be use in future interviews or work projects.  It is recommended that projects be preserved in pdf files for online portfolios.

Recommended professional materials and supplies

-sharp scissors

-paper cutter

-cork back and see through ruler

-#2HB pencils

-rubber cement, clear glue (not elmer’s),  PVA or YES glue

-White heavy weight cardstock (80-100#)

-Color heavy weight cardstock (80-100#) for color specific projects

-White Bristol hard press paper 300#

-Black 15 x 20” illustration board

-Portfolio –maybe requested by your instructor; refer to their size recommendations

Project Guidelines:

Research:. Show your project planning process. Attach initial sketches or copies of research (downloads, copies from magazines/book pages), bibliography and resource lists.  Attach items in manila envelopes on the back of illustration boards.  Use paper specified by instructor.

Labeling, Lettering, Printing:

Project labeling: Use cardstock, hand lettering or typed, glue to back of project.  Include:  Name, Course, Date

Lettering: In a size relative to the project, computer print on white or coordinating cardstock, or use Silhouette cutter available in classroom.  Lettering should be attached in a straight line.

Printing: If a writing is required, print on white cardstock or printer paper. Proof read for spelling and grammar.  Attach neatly to project in a manila envelope or glue neatly to the back of the project.


Cutting:  All cutting must be neat, cropped around figure or cut in straight line

Glue: No glue stick.  Neatly glue all paper using rubber cement, clear glue, pva, or yes glue which will allow for a permanent and smooth drying.  Be sure to glue edges down.  Clean all smudges and transport assignments carefully.




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