Looking for a Fashion Scholarship?

Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy with Nicki Minaj wearing Givenchy


The Fashion Group International of St. Louis will award up to (3) $1000 scholarships to three select students at the 2017 December Ready-To-Wear (RTW) Trend Program. The scholarships will be awarded in each of the following areas:

Fashion Merchandising
Fashion Design
Costume Design

The winners will be notified by telephone prior to the RTW Trend Program. The scholarship recipient must be in attendance at our annual RTW Trend Program. The date of the program is December 5, 2017. There are two qualifications for student applicants:

You must be a student pursuing a fashion-related degree
You must have at least one or more semesters of school to complete

The winners will be selected on their overall qualifications, including application, GPA, recommendations, resume, portfolio, and essay.

Applications are due (postmarked, delivered by hand or electronically in Adobe PDF format Tuesday, November 14, 2017 and must be accompanied by the following:
Portfolio/project including a 300-word explanation essay
Two letters of recommendation
Resume with cover letter
Note: Winners from 2016 are not eligible to apply.
Note: For electronic submissions in design the winners are required to bring actual garments to the awards presentation.

Materials must have been produced within the last two academic years. Please note that neither Fashion Group International of St. Louis, Inc. nor its judges can be held liable for possible damage or loss of your work. If you are unable to pick up your materials by December 19, 2017 please provide postage and information for us to return it to you. Otherwise, your projects will not be returned.



Please drop off or send all scholarship materials to:
Attn: Lynne Wasson
Stevens-The Institute of Business & Arts
1521 Washington Ave.
St. Louis Mo 63103
Questions: 314-421-0949 Ext. 1406

FGI Scholarship Project Guidelines 2017

The following are guidelines established to help you during this FGI Scholarship process. The judges will follow these guidelines when reviewing your application and projects and have been instructed to follow the 2017 forms exactly. Should you have paperwork that states 2016 on them, please contact your professor or department head immediately since requirements might have changed from previous years.

The essay should be no more than 300 words and should contain a brief description of each of the three projects
You must have three projects submitted to qualify for any of the three (3) possible $1,000 scholarships
The projects can be a professionally completed assignment/project/or paper completed in the last two academic years
One of the three projects can be a freelance/work/or internship related; if completed within the two year academic timeline
Each project can be independent of one another
If chosen as a winner, the items must be presented in a professional manner and identified by title or description for the RTW event to be held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.

The following list includes, but is not limited to, the possible project submissions for any or all categories.

Fashion Merchandising/Marketing:
Trend/Story/Mood Boards
Six Month Merchandising Plan
Quality Analysis Report
Assortment Plans
Historical Costume Analysis
Leadership role in a fashion coordination event
Product Development Project
Visual Merchandising Project
Designer Portfolio
Small Business Plan
Store Layout and Design

Garment Production (please include completed garment/s)
Sketch Portfolio
Textile Print Design
Accessory Production
Trend Board
Line Development Project
Sourcing Project

Costume Design:
Garment Production (please include completed garment/s)
Sketch Portfolio
Story Boards
Translation of Story to Costume


Project Layout:

All applicants should submit all items in the following outline for review by the judges. Those that do not place their items in the following layout will lose two (2) points from their total:

Application with GPA
Resume with GPA
Cover Letter
Portfolio with three (3) Items
300 Word Essay
Two Letters of Recommendation (please note that these cannot be from the same organization, institution, or business)
One from a Teacher
One from a Professional

All FGI St. Louis applicants will receive a certificate of participation in this process. We will also be sending back the Judges Rubric’s to the professors for awareness. We feel that it is important for the professors to know how their students scored as well as where there is room for improvement for future applicants.

Personal Information:


City State Zip
Telephone Email

Best way to reach you

Educational Information:

Current School

School Address

City State Zip Code

Telephone Number

Degree Pursuing Department

Name of department head or program area


Cumulative GPA Expected Graduation Date

Please type your answers to the following questions:

Explain why you have chosen your present program of study.

Explain your plans after graduation and /or career goals.

Tell us why you believe the scholarship should be awarded to you.

Include any additional information you would like us to know (i.e. membership in professional organization, volunteer activities, work-related experiences).

List three items or samples; include photos and an explanation of each item in 300 words or less. List dimensions of the actual project.

Item #1:________________________________________________________

Item #2:________________________________________________________

Item #3:________________________________________________________

Include two letters of recommendation: one from a professor and one from a business professional. These letters cannot both come from the same organization (i.e. both from different professors and/or deans from your school).

Have you ever attended a Fashion Group program/event? If yes, explain the event and your overall experience.

In which area, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Design, or Costume Design, would you like your project to be considered?

As members of the Fashion Group International of St. Louis, Inc. we are dedicated to enhancing the industry in St. Louis. We would like to sincerely thank you for your application and time. We hope you will join us at a future program or as a member of our organization. We reserve the right to use your name and/or photograph in the event you are the winner to promote the scholarship program.

All materials in the packet can be printed as needed. Entry submissions are due (postmarked, delivered by hand, or electronically in Adobe PDF format Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

2017 Scholarship Time Line

September 11, 2017 Packets mailed to Colleges and Universities
(Week of)

November 14, 2017 Student Application and Portfolio/Project must be received by FGI Scholarship Committee, postmarked, hand, or electronically delivered by 11/14/2017 in care of:

Lynne Wasson
Stevens-The Institute of Business & Arts
1521 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103
E-mail: Lwasson@siba.edu
(Questions? 314 421-0949 Ext. 1406)

November 27, 2017 Scholarship recipient will be notified.

December 05, 2017 Scholarship Presentation at RTW Trend Program.
Recipient must be present to win.

December 19, 2017 All projects must be picked up from Lynne Wasson or include postage for us to return.


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